Web Content Writing Basics

Web Content Writing Ideas
Certain golden rules when applied can transform anybody into a web content guru. That is the ongoing purpose of this blog.

Web content writing is an exciting and constantly evolving field. To write great content that is fresh and that will keep visitors constantly engaged is all at once challenging, educational and exciting. A genuine love, passion and involvement with your topic will shine through and will keep visitors engaged and involved with your site.

Writing great content however is only part of the job. Making sure that the content is found and indexed by most browsers so that you get the traffic is the more challenging job.

Here are some ideas and tips which make web content writing a piece of cake. Each idea is a subject on its own and I will attempt to cover them in a lot more detail in forthcoming blogs.

These ideas will equip you in no time at all to write great content that is found easily by most search engines and will build and increase traffic to your site.

Use a writing style that grabs interest

  • Use the inverted pyramid style of writing which places the most important information first. If visitors don’t find the info. they are looking for in the first couple of minutes they will go to another site where they can.
  • Break up large blocks of text with bullet lists for ease of reading.
  • Use meaningful headlines and subheads that explain key points at a glance as well as help optimize the page
  • Focus on the best keywords for your business. There are several tools such as Wordtracker that will get you started with keyword research.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques

The purpose of great content is to attract the maximum number of visitors to your site. Search engines look for the following information among other parameters:

  • Focus on keyword density which involves repeating select, target keywords so that search engines find your site more relevant and give you a higher ranking in search results. Experts recommend that the ideal keyword density is between 2-5 percent.
  • Use effective titles and headings. The titles and headings must not only grab attention but must also have keywords.
  • Build links. Muster all your efforts in making your content so useful that other sites link to you. The more links you receive the higher your page will rank in search results.

Fresh Content

  • Content is really king and fresh, up-to-date compelling, useful and relevant content is of utmost importance especially in these days of rapidly changing technologies and instant news updates.
  • Search engines penalize websites that have static content. Fresh content makes for higher search rankings.
  • Research before writing as info these days becomes obsolete at the bat of an eyelid.

Use Social Media and Comments to Define Content

  •  Web Marketing experts recommend you use software to find out which subjects are hot, what’s new and what gets shared most on social media. Then create a new page, focusing on a topic that is going viral or at the very least being talked about extensively.
  • Visitor interaction will help you understand what’s working. Use comments to engage visitors and understand their needs and which piece of content is popular with them.
  • Send regular white papers and newsletters to your customers via email. It’s important that the content is both beneficial and useful as this strategy will not only enhance your relationship with your visitors but will convert them into customers who regularly visit your site.

I hope that these simple tips will get you started on your journey towards becoming a web content guru.

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